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Rediscover Your Sparkle by Julie Schooler

This short, simplistic little self-help guide is packed with lots of common-sense ideas that we often tend to overlook. Schooler’s opening affirmation describes the smart little guide as a “nourish your soul book” and when the steps are taken seriously by the reader and actually implemented, positive results will more than likely occur.

By providing simple activities at the end of each section, the author challenges the reader to put the positive tips and advice to the test, thereby making them responsible for the positive or negative outcome.

The activities are easy and not meant to intimidate, so readers can feel a sense of accomplishment, after successfully completing the book and following the tips it provides.

While some readers may find the material too simplistic, and not enough of a “wow factor,” others will appreciate Schooler’s easy-to-read, easy-to-implement, style of writing.

Novel Launcher Reviews / Charm Baker



Tell Us the Mermaid Story by Beka R. March

Debut fantasy author Beka R. March may be the new kid on the fantasy, folklore block, but thus far, she’s managed to rank in two different top 100 Amazon categories since the recent release of “Tell Us the Mermaid Story.”

In addition to her colorful characters in all their childlike innocence, the author has managed to paint a vivid picture of a new merworld, for mermaid lovers of all ages.

Diehard fantasy readers may take exception with the way March eases into the actual heart of the merpeople conflict. However, it is abundantly clear by the end of this 91-page novella, that the story ends, but there’s definitely more to come.

Fortunately for March, the book is tantalizing enough to have readers wait anxiously, and find out what the author has in store next for this new clan of merpeople.

Novel Launcher Reviews / Kay Clark


The Good Enough Husband by Sylvie Fox

While this book is on the USA Today Bestselling list, I found the story s more digestible than the writing style of the author. Long, detailed, run on sentences often work for many authors (Terry McMillian for one).

But in this instance, too many of these sentences only serve to confuse the reader. Whether narrative sentences, or dialogue, sometimes a long string of words just get in the way of the thought or action.

One saving grace for The Good Enough Husband, is the fact that the characters are so darn relatable. Fox can be glad for all those thousands of unhappy wives who are just as stuck and discontent as her Hannah Keesling character. They are the readers who will eat this book up.

Novel Launcher Reviews / Kay Clark















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