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Have your ad size created perfectly for posting on:

·      TWITTER




Novel Launcher Ads

are always:

·      CATCHY

·      VIBRANT



Promotional Book Advertisements


Get in on this special offer exclusively for newly published novels by Indie Authors


Do you want help trying to increase your book sales and exposure

on the day that your novel launches?

Give your new novel a leg up with Novel Launcher courtesy book marketing and promotion services. The book promotional activities you receive are meant to help jumpstart your own marketing and promotional efforts.

The goal is merely to try and help you announce your book to the world and hopefully help increase book sales.

Do you have an upcoming novel release date?

Novellas, Novelettes, and Short Stories welcome.


COMPLIMENTARY service includes:

·      Ad Creation [for Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest]

·      Tweets containing your ad & link - posted on Launch day.

·      Tweet DAILY containing your ad & link for 6 days after Launch day.

·      Blog Mention posted on Launch day.

·      Website promotion for your ad on

·      Unlimited Website directory listing on

The service is free, but you still have to submit a request form.

Services are provided on a first come, first serve basis.


ORDER REQUEST FORM                




HOW THE WHOLE THING WORKS:   [Visit the blog for a more detailed discussion.]



Step One – Submit details about the launch of your novel [ORDER REQUEST FORM] including your main focus during the book launch.

Step Two – Novel Launcher will create a catchy ad (3 variations and sizes), plus several social media comments to post on launch day.

Step Three You will be able to review & agree to the ad and comments, plus the written blog mention (all set to post on launch day).

Step FourYou can select one version of your ad to be displayed on Novel Launcher’s “CURRENT ADS” page on launch day (and all week)

Step Five Your novel title and book buy link will be included (indefinitely) in Novel Launcher’s NOVEL DIRECTORY, for visitors to view.


PLEASE NOTE:  Authors will receive email confirmations at various stages of the process, you will also be given the ad image source files (.jpg /.png), to use as you please, plus all other related links.



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